Monday, 23 February 2009

me myself and I

I haven't written for ten days...

yesterday someone made me notice that I look young for my age...I mean he said I could be 13...! wow.
maybe it's because I'm not very tall and I'm skinny...don't know.

I started going on Gaia online
it's fun so, if anybody is there too, let's meet up.

I met a girl there and we had some kind of date, I accepted even though I'm not really into girls!
But I just wanted to try!
She dumped me straight after though, so maybe she realized or something.

ahah, that was funny actually.

My gaia avatar looks a lot like me, but I still haven't got many clothes and stuff like that.

this is what I look like on Gaia:


  1. you have fairy wings? huhah

  2. ahah, didn't see the comment...yes! they're actually meant to be some old relic...I dunno, but I like them : )