Sunday, 15 March 2009

feeling really confused...I'm not sure who I am anymore

It's crazy...I'm so messed up that a film it's enough to make me feel total rubbish. I went to see Milk last night. It was awesome, I love Gus Van Sant (and it wasn't even my favourite film, I'm so in love with Paranoid Park).
Anyway, I just started feeling real rubbish because I'm confused about myself...maybe I'm gay?

I mean, I kind kind of know that I am...but then, one thing is to say it, and another is to actually BE something. Which is why I feel so bad, because I always do that, when it comes to being I always withdraw...and I hate it. I hate myself.

I so fuckin want to go away. Leave.

I' m waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting.


  1. Woah woah woah. Being gay isn't somegthing you should worry about. I mean, it's just another label at the end of the day, and who needs those?

    I'm not really concerned with my sexuality. if I like a girl or guy, I like them. That's all, and it has nothing to do with anyone else except myself and the other person. Adnd other people if I wish to share it with them.

    being homosexual or hetrosexual isn't important. Just do what you want mate. :) xx

  2. Hey it's alright! That's why I follow your blog, so I can comment innit! I'm sure you can face your emotions because you obviously know what you are feeling.

    Everything will just be cherry. Just think of the calm after the storm. xxNo one really knows themselves and when they do, they are too old to do something about it. Huahaha.

    p.s. Being a Zombie was amazing. The make up was really good. It was such a good day. xx