Friday, 7 May 2010

So, I travelled back to my hometown. I went through lots of different unexpected states of mind. When I arrived to the big tree I always used to go to as a kid, at about fifteen minutes distance from the town, I stopped the car and got off. I just wanted to live back the memories, taste them as if they were new and alive in my heart. I sat under the tree that, as a kid, used to be the last stop of many adventurous trips. Everything seemed so different! Back then, when I didn't know anything, I just wanted to get away, leave, find myself somewhere out there, hoping to fulfil my ever hungry self. And now, I was returning from the world, that world, with so many disappointments, so many failures! I could see in front of me the mountains that I once desired to reach. I could once sit for hours and just daydream about going beyond those mountains and loose myself in the woods that I could see from that position and, when it was time for me to leave, how sorry I was to have to interrupt my dreams!
Anyway, so I went to town, and I recognised all the old houses and noticed there were lots of new ones too.
It was so weird to see that my old school is not a school anymore. I just spent some time remembering all the pain I went through inside that place. What a nightmare!
Now, each step I took was in some way meaningful.
I followed the river down to a farm. I used to play with my friends as a kid around that farm. I spent so many hours observing the water, fantasising about where the river would have taken me to if I let myself go with the flow of the water. I had to go on, always on with fantasising about the horizon, about what could be just beyond that line, until I would get completely lost.
What point is there, really, in knowing that the Earth is round? We can't really perceive it anyway. We are limited in our own sense of flatness, anywhere we go.

Anybody can know what I know. But my heart, only I can have it.

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