Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sometimes I'd rip my chest open and smash my skull, when I think of how little we mean for each other. Love, peace, warmth, joy, all things I'm not carrying with me, nobody else will be able to give to me and, even if I had a heart full of happiness, I wouldn't be able to cheer up someone who's feeling powerless and sad. : (


  1. Valuing and loving people for who they are and subjugating our own fantasies of how we might like them to be, is one of the most difficult tricks to pull off.

    If you find out how to do it, just tell the Pope, will you?

  2. i'll agree with micky and i'd be lots more content and much less psychotic if i could just pull this trick off.

    take care, you!

  3. the problem is, how to draw a line between our own fantasies of what we want someone to be, and what they really are? How can we truly know someone else?

  4. Oh I can think of couples who've been together for eons who are pretty much clued up on each other and live sort of 'merged' lives they're so into each other.