Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I arrived yesterday. I feel very alone, but I'm trying and be cool about it. A happy heart can bear everything...happy heart? haha, LOL...sometimes I write such random stuff. And to think that I wouldn't need that much to be the happiest boy in the world. I know, I know...with all the people that, having little more than nothing, manage to be satisfied, happy with themselves, I, on the other, miserable hand, continuously whine about my strengths and my qualities? I could easily do with half of such qualities, if only I could have some more self - esteem. 
Well, let's keep calm. Things will get better. I can feel it already. After a period of quasi complete self - inflicted isolation, to be again among people makes me feel better.  Because yes, sometimes I still forget that each one of us needs to relate in a way or the other to other people or other things and that loneliness can be more dangerous than it seems. Our imagination, pushed by our will to elevate ourselves, and fed by dreams and art, can build such incredible creatures that, if put among them, we seem to be of the lowest kind. And everything outside ourselves seems to us to be better, perfect. We sometimes feel that we are lacking something and it's exactly what we lack that most frequently attribute to the others. In the others, we also reflect a better, idealized version of ourselves. And here it is, the perfect creature, entirely created by us (a god). 
If, on the other hand, we keep everything to ourselves, we end up believing that everybody else is in competition with , or against, us. And we become envious, frustrated. 


  1. Heyyyy

    Thanks for the comment dude :)

    Kurt Cobains book is very good. 'Heavier then heaven' it's called. Give it a read if you can. If you liked Jim Morrisons then you'll enjoy this !

    Awww man, Floridas great. Back home soon though, not amused :(

    w/b x

  2. Hello Steve.
    sure, I'll give the Kurt Cobain's book a go.

    see you