Thursday, 26 November 2009

I am starting, for what it is possible, to settle down here. The good thing is that there's stuff to do, there's new people, quite cool folks too, actually. I met this older guy, I'll just call him C., and I must say I don't remember feeling so much admiration for a person. He is so smart and open and has a completely personal view of everything. He's very sweet too, he got immediately interested in me, we just started chatting on a random occasion and carried on and on for like hours. He doesn't seem to mind at all that I'm younger...

There's nothing in the world like having a person you can talk openly and honestly with when you need to, I think. 


  1. Hey, checked out your blog through mine :-)
    Another daydreamer...nice. Yea, I totally agree with you that its really great to have someone to talk to ;-)

  2. oscarscar93@gmail.com24 December 2009 at 13:00

    sorry, haven't been here for ages...yeah, it's great...