Monday, 8 February 2010

The weather has been pretty crap for the last few days...I like it. Because it seems that, since I've been here, there has not yet been a good day that was spoilt by someone or something. If it rains, snows, freezes, though, oh! I think that it's not gonna be worse inside than outside, and the other way round, so everything's cool. So, if, by looking at the sun early in the morning, you can tell that the day is going to be beautiful, I say to myself: "Seems like we're gonna have another gift from Mother Nature that human beings are going to spoil!"
There is nothing people don't destroy: health, reputation, happiness, rest. And this, is almost always because of their stupidity, their misunderstanding and their narrowness of mind. Sometimes I just feel like kneeling down in front of them and begging them not to be so cruel against each other.

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