Thursday, 29 July 2010

Yeah...that's right. I....his boyfriend? God, if you had given me this gift I'm sure I'd be praying a lot more...
No. I should stop with these useless thoughts. Him...if I could hold him even just once. He seems to me to be the most beautiful creature living under the sun.
Am I allowed to say this? Why not? With me, he would have been a lot happier than he is with her. I'm sure she does not truly understand that heart. I could. I can.
The fact that her heart doesn't seem to be in harmony with, let's say...a certain paragraph of a certain book that him and I understood so well our hearts became like one as we read.
But, yes...she loves him, no doubt. So I guess she deserves his love, doesn't she.

Oh shit, I'm so distracted I can't even write anymore. I'm so distracted I forgot I was crying and now I've got dry tears on my cheeks and they're sort of itchy.
Adieu for now

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