Monday, 9 August 2010

4 August

It doesn't happen this way to me only, you know. Everybody is disappointed about their expectations, their hopes.
I went to visit this woman I used to know when I was a little kid. When I arrived, one of his sons came to meet me and he called her. As soon as she approached, she said: "Hans is dead". Hans was the youngest of her children. I didn't say anything.


  1. How did he die?

    Was she coping? or not?

    What did you feel?

    What was he like?

    Who is left? How many other brothers or sisters are there?

    Did you regret going to visit? Or were you able to empathise with her?

    Did she need that?

  2. he died of disease
    she wasn't trying to pretend she was coping.
    I felt very sad in general. I didn't even know him.
    I felt like I could never understand this, from her perspective. It made me even more sad.
    I don't know. Younger than me.
    She has two sons left.
    I do not regret going. Her son seemed happy to see me, so I'm glad I went.
    If she needed my visit?
    I don't know. Probably not. But I went anyway.