Saturday, 21 August 2010

Everything seems to change inside me so suddenly. Sometimes I feel like my perspective on life is becoming happier, clearer, but unfortunately that feeling always only last for one moment! When I get lost in these kind of thoughts, I can't help thinking: "what if she died? Maybe you...Yes, he, of course...". And so I run after my ideals, that inevitably lead me to an abyss, in front of which I always step back, scared.
When I walk down that street I walked down that time we went get P. to go to the party, I always think it looks so different. Everything looks so different!
It happens to me as it would happen to a ghost that returns to the, now abandoned, castle he bought and furnished when he was still alive and rich and that, before dying, he left to his son.

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  1. I think ups and down are completely normal experience for most of us.

    The trick is making is gradually more up and less down until the up is the norm.