Monday, 20 September 2010

15 September

It is crazy to think that there can be people who don't give a shit about whatever still makes any kind of sense on this planet. Yesterday I found out these particular chestnut trees I used to sit under with P. have been cut. I loved those trees so much it's hard to explain. They filled me with joy, just to know they were there, they had been there there for years, maybe centuries prior to my existence, and they were going to be there for years after my death.
I remember my teacher at school telling us the scientific names of them, over and over again, but I can't remember them now coz I forgot everything. I think he learnt those names from his grandfather himself.
I seriously wish I could have stopped whoever did that.


  1. There are loads of quite mature trees in the back gardens of the houses along our road.

    From time to time proposals are made to fell one or more.

    I will have the chains ready to attach myself to them to stop such wanton slaughter of beauty.

    I mourn for your Chestnuts.