Wednesday, 24 November 2010

He knows that I'm suffering. Today his eyes penetrated my heart. I found him alone. I didn't say anything, and he looked at me. And in him I didn't see anymore the same beauty, the same light of spirit. All that had disappeared to my eyes. What I saw was pure, simple interest and compassion.
Why couldn't I throw myself at his feet? Why couldn't I hug him and kiss him?
He went to the piano and started humming a tune while playing. A sweet little tune. I had never realised his lips were so sexy. It was as if they opened just enough to let the notes in, and to let their echos out....
Whatever, I can't really describe this.
I want to kiss him so bad, and yet I feel that to kiss those lips would be a sin. A sin???

1 comment:

  1. Oh heavens no!

    You may not kiss him without permission.

    His permission.

    And maybe he'll show you when the time is right.

    If it ever is.