Monday, 15 November 2010

I'm grateful for your good advice. Please, stay calm, and let me be until the end. With all my tiredness, I still manage to keep myself standing.
I respect religion, you know. I understand it can be helpful for those who are tired or suffering. But can it work like that for everybody? If you look at the world, you'll see the billion times in which this hasn't been the case. And why should it be like that for me? Wasn't the Son of God himself who said that around Him will be those given to Him by His Father? And what if I'm not among those that were given to Him? What if The Father wanted to keep me for Himself? Please, do not misinterpret these words, they're not meant to be cynical and they're actually pretty innocent. I'm opening up all my soul to you, or I would have kept my mouth shut. It seems that we all have to suffer as much as we're supposed to, each one of us has to empty their cup. And if that cup seemed too bitter to God, why should I have to pretend it is sweet to me? And why should I be ashamed when I find myself in the terrible space that exists between being and not being, when past sparkles on the dark abyss of the future and here, around me, everything sinks and ends with me? Isn't this the very voice of the creature which has been deprived of itself and ruined which, in the last depths of its energies pointlessly aiming to the sky, shrieks: " Oh God, Oh God, why have Thou forsaken me?"
And why should I be ashamed of these words, why should I be afraid of this moment, if not even He who folds the skies as if they were canvas was?

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  1. There was a cool programme on Bebe4 last night about 'the Dark Ages' and Hittites and Ancient Greeks and how the stories about Zeus and all his mates came down to the Hits and then, amended to the Greeks, and how early Christians built churches where the Hits and the Greeks had previously and incorporated Hits and Greek stories into 'Christianity' so that it fitted in OK and people could just accept it as though it had happened even longer ago.

    I mean - why did 'God' take so bloody long to reveal herself? Was she powdering her nose for n million years before she could be arsed?