Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I decided not to go to his place after all..his parents at home and shit like that. But I've been speaking with him on chat...he's bloody great.
He's a bit older than me and he's got like eight siblings or something. But this doesn't really matter, does it?
What matters I guess is ho w I met him and stuff.
Well, ok, let's see.

Basically, I went to this party one night. I wasn't too keen on going because it was organized by some friends of my parents, and I was kind of forced to go and stuff like that, which I really hated. Plus, I got chatted up almost immediately by this really boring girl, and I was basically having the worst time ever.

What I ignored, though, was the existence of my parents' friends' oldest son, P.

Well, he arrived to the party kinda late, and I'd been sitting there trying to cope with this girl's lousy chatting.

His siblings were at the party already, and when he arrived all of them jumped up and went to say hi to him. They must love him very much, and I can see why : )

So, I must have looked at him intensely enough for him to notice, coz he came to me after a while, and introduced himself.
He also apologized for the party, which he agreed was kinda boring. The youngest of his brothers were still gravitating around him, so he told them to introduce themselves to me.
It was all pretty sweet.
So, I forgot to say that the party was in this big house with an even bigger garden, so we ( me and him) ended up walking outside.
We started talking about book sand stuff, and I got really excited when he told me he's into Romantic literature, stuff like Goethe and Byron, ya know.

So, I was so enthusiast that I started talking about " The Sorrows of Young Werther" by Goethe, which is a wicked book where this fucked up kid commits suicide because the girl he loves doesn't give a damn about him, and I kinda talk non stop for hours, which was perhaps a mistake as, when I finally stopped, I realized P. had started talking to someone else.

Luckily, though, he came back to me very quickly.
He asked me if I wanted to dance, and you can bet I said yes.

We went back inside and started dancing on this allright 70's rock music, not exactly my favourite, but far enough.
Maybe it's just an illusion or something, but I could tell he was into me. He gave me some very intense looks and smiled a lot and danced closer and closer to me. He also pretended he wasn't though. Like his looks were sort of secret, and he kept checking that people weren't looking at us and stuff. Gosh, it was pretty hard work not to get too involved, really.

It felt great, I didn't actually feel human anymore, more, err, a godlike creature?
I guess that's because I felt so grand, or something.

Then we stopped dancing and sat down, I went to get drinks and then we kept on chatting.

The weird bit was when he mentioned, for like three times in a row, the name of a girl. I got pretty nervous and stuff, so I asked him who she was. Damn.

You know why?

He said she is his girlfriend. Can ya believe it?
Fuck, that really disappointed me.

I didn't know what to say, I think I blushed or something, and I had to leave.

So I waled around the party for a while, didn't know where the hell to go really.
Meanwhile the party was getting louder and messier, and people were starting to get drunk, both the old and the young ones.
So walked upstairs, not knowing where the hell I was going, and you know what?
There were these kids crammed in a bedroom, and P. was in the centre of them all.
I then found out it was his bedroom.

I didn't want to get in at first, but he saw me and kind of dragged me in.
They were playing this game where you have to roll the bottle and decide if you want to confess something personal or have let someone "do" something to you.
When it was P.'s turn, he had to slap at least five people.
He slapped some boys and girls, not very hard and sort of politely, but then he slapped me, and that was way different, I think.
I mean, he slapped me kinda hard, but in a, how can I say, passionate way? Like, he wanted to kiss me but could only slap me?
I remember the burning sensation on my cheek. I loved it.

Meanwhile, outside it had started raining pretty bad.
When the game finished, P. and me went outside together. We stood in the rain for a bit and got quite soaked.
We didn't speak much at all, just stood there, but then P. started singing "Black Sabbath"( by Black Sabbath, of course) which starts with the rain, you know?

And we kinda sang it together in the rain. It was pretty awesome, I think.


  1. That was a lovely account of the party - thank you very much for sharing it.

    He obviously liked you. Has there been any contact between you since? Is there going to be? Are you going to contact him?

    Presumably you'd like to spend more time with him and that might work if you could suggest something you could do together and then invite him to go with you - rather than just invite him to spend time.

    Do tell us more! It's really exciting!

  2. thanks.

    yes, I definetely want to see him again soon...I'll find something to do, myabe a film or something.
    I'll keep you informed: )

  3. He's not sure of his sexuality.##
    Try to push it a little.##
    Give him a chance to come on to you.##


  4. Slave Simon...yes, I should do that, but I don't want to spoil everything by rushing too much...any suggestion?