Monday, 29 June 2009

Oh, ok so, I did hear from P. and ( finally) today he invited me to his place!
His brothers and sisters were there too, and they're all very nice, so we just spent a lot of time playing video games with them.
at some point their father arrived with a friend of his, I think, and this guy was just really annoying as he started making comments about how bad videogames are for kids and stuff like that...bah.
So now I can imagine him going around telling his friends that P. and I have a bad influence on P.'s brothers.

Gosh, sometimes i really think children should stay children...I mean, sometimes adults are so dumb compared to children...they can say and do such stupid things and for the most absurd reasons.
Maybe it's just my idea, I dunno. Aww, ok, I'll stop rambling about these things.


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