Sunday, 9 August 2009

I could have a relatively nice life if I weren't so fucked up...It doesn't happen very often to have so many good things all in one. I get along quite well with my parents, I've got P., some other friends....and, ok, I have to admit that P.'s girlfriend is not so bad. She's actually pretty kind with me, the rare occasions when the two of us were together and he was not around were actually not that terrible.
Inevitably, we ended up talking about him. She's known him for longer than me, so she talked about his family, the fact that his mother is not well, and the fact that she is practically acting as a babysitter for P.'s younger siblings. Then she said how much P. has changed due to his family situation, and how he is now much more careful about relationships and stuff. I'm not sure what that means.
Anyway, I just listened to her, we were sitting in a park, I just played with the grass.
I think she is allright. She sounds pretty grown up for her age when she talk, and this scares me a bit.

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