Thursday, 27 August 2009

It's true: if anybody could make me feel less depressed, they would. Today I received this present from P.'s girlfriend. I then remembered the reason for this is that I once helped her with an essay she needed to write for the morning after - she is not good at writing, and P. had things to do that night, so I made her a favour and just spent the night writing it.
Anyway, the packet was small, and a small neckalce was attached to it. I noticed that it was the same necklace P. was wearing when I first met him, and I liked it so much that, more than once, I had asked him to give it to me.
Inside the packet there were two little books, both of them Homer, a very nice edition that - as both books are so light - it is easy to carry around.
So...this present made me realise how great our friendship is. Especially because of the necklace. That object makes me go back to those days, happier days? It seems so to me now. It seems tar I'll never live such a happiness again. Time seems to spoil everything. I don't want to complain too much. But it looks as if most things that happen to me are just visions, they don't live any trace. Not many of these things that happen, these "flowers" actually produce anything.
Not all of these "flowers" are like tha though...there are just a few of them that actually manage to produce fruits. And we should not waste these products.


  1. Yeah, it's really nice to get little presents like that. Often the unexpected gifts are the ones which mean so much to us.

    But don't think life will never be so good again - it sure as heck won't if you keep putting it down.

    You must try to be a bit more positive and determine that life IS going to be MUCH better and YOU are the one who is going to go out there and make certain it is!

  2. Thank you for these kind words Micky...I know it should be like that, but sometimes it's so HARD!!

    Yes, I should definitely try and be more positive and take my responsabilities for it.