Saturday, 15 August 2009

One thing is (almost) certain.
That there is nothing in this world that matters more than love. I feel this in some of the people I have constantly around, even in a simpe way, like the way P.'s younger siblings are always waiting for me to get back to them.
I went to their house yesterday to help P. fixing his piano ( well, we were gonna give it a try anyway), but basically his little brothers and sisters started chasing me and wanted me to tell the a story, and P. said to go ahead and make them happy.
So I told them this story that my grandad used to tell me about this funny man who goes thorugh an endless series of unfortunate events. It was a lot of fun, and I must say I learn so much from them everytime. Like, sometimes it happens that I make a story up and then I forget it, so they just go like: " last time the story was different..."
And they're really demanding and all that, which is funny, so now I try and be as accurate as possible!
Which kinda makes me think that, when writing or story - telling, the first draft is always the best, no matter how rough or disorgnized it is. It's the most honest.
Because the fact is that I don't think man made creations should be polished at all. They shouldn't be perfect. They should aim at perfection...but there's no point in trying and erase the traces of " a mistake". It's like erasing a memory, in a way.


  1. I like that last paragraph. Wonderful point there.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you agree. It seems to me that many people, especially the creative ones, don't get this, and they tend to associate "good" with "polished" or "correct", which I find kinda boring and really uninteresting

  3. I get it, but I do often edit what I write. The majority of my blog posts are edited before I post them. I find that I make my point more clearly if I edit it. But, I agree with how its like erasing a memory. Powerful and true sentence there.
    We do associate good with polished and correct. I think we should associate good with "powerful" or "meaningful", no matter how polished it is.

    The first draft of a story contains the best elements of plot, or feeling. But all of that is better explained to those reading with editing, which is why we're asked to do so.

  4. Yes, since we start going to school, or even earlier than that, we are taught that we should polish off whatever we write, draw, or even think. Impulsiveness is not a very accepted way of expressing oneself.
    I find this quite annoying, as I said.
    I remember always hating having to re-write my essays, and I still do. Most of the times I don't even care too much about typing errors - ok it is bad to find them in books! -
    The thing is that, if I have to re - write an essay or a story or something, I just feel like I'm writing something else, and I completely change it.

  5. I know what you mean. And I agree.