Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Aww, I had been seeing P. but now he has gone on holiday... luckily, it's gonna be a short one.

He left early this morning, we spent pretty much the whole night together, it was ace. 
Basically last night we just wandered around London without knowing where we were going, we just wanted to keep walking and talk. 
So, basically,we ended up near this amazing cemetery, close the where P. lives. >The cemetery was closed, but there was this guardian there getting bored, so we started talking to him. There were these huge trees in the cemetery, and the guardian knew every single thing about each tree and stuff. It was really amazing. 
Then, we walked further and saw there were people standing outside a bar. We wanted to get in but they wouldn't let us. They would have let P. in, probably, but I'm to young. So we just spent some time outside there and there was this girl that was quite drunk and she came to me and started and kind of tried to chat me up. I didn't actually do anything, hardly replied, but suddenly this guy came with a very angry look on his face. He must have been drunk too or something and it seems that girl was his girlfriend. 
But, seriously, what could I do? I wasn't even interested in the girl. This guy got angry at me because she was interested in me.
It sounds all funny now, but really, you should have seen this guy, he was huge. 
Anyway, luckily P. managed to explain what had happened, and we sort of ran away. 

We were talking about it afterwards and we came to the conclusion that for people, often, being angry or aggressive or in a bad mood in general is almost a habit. It it just something that everybody wants to get rd of, but then nobody really does anything about it. Especially aggressiveness. 
People constantly struggle to be healthy, to be beautiful, to be better, but nobody really thinks about the small things. 
I mean, I'm not the happiest person, quite the opposite in fact, I'm quite depressed and all that. But I hate it when people are aggressive without any reason.  
P. and me were talking about this guy, and the fact that his behavior must have been really embarrassing for his girlfriend. P. said he hates it when people are so patronizing. 
This thing he said made me think of situations I have gone through in my past, unmotivated aggressiveness and things like that, and I just got very sad. Gosh, I can be so emotional sometimes. P. noticed this immediately, but he didn't quite know what to do, you could tell he was uneasy. 
I spent sometime without saying anything, and he accepted it and did the same, but then he obviously couldn't take anymore of my shit, cause he asked me what the matter was. I should have told him how emotional I am, LOL. 
Well, he knows now. 
Anyway, after a while this sadness just went away, and he said he didn't mind, but that he wanted to know more about me. That's very promising. 
I like him so much!


  1. You can always do without things like that outside a pub/club but apart from that upset you to seem to have had a good chat about stuff.

    It really would be nice to hang it together until he's back and see if he wants to spend more time with you. Sounds like he might, eh? That's good.

  2. yes, he seems to like spending time with me,so... and it's funny that when he is with me he never mentions his "girlfriend". I don't know what that means, but it seems a good sign to me.

  3. Glad it's all goin ok bud !

    Good luck when he get's back :)


  4. cheers Steve! I'll let you know, of course.