Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Night star that falls, you, beautiful, west shine; you lift from your cloud your majestic head and cover the valleys. What are you looking at? The tempestuous winds are calm now; the murmuring of the river comes from far away; down there, waves break against the cliff; insects buzz in the night fields. What are you looking at, fair light? You smile and go; the waves surround you, merry, and they wet your ethereal hair. Hail to you, placid ray! You appear, marvellous light of the soul of Ossian! And he, in all his strength, appears. I see that my friends are not together anymore. They go to the Lora like in those old past days. Fingal arrives like a sweaty column of mist and his heroes gravitate around him, and here are the bards of the song: the grey Ullin, the merry Ryno, Alpin, gentle singer, and you Minona, feeble voice! How you all have changed, my friends, from the party days of Selma, when we used to compete with songs! Like the subtle winds of spring, they bend the tender grass that, submitted, murmurs!
And that's when, in her beauty, came Minona, with her eyes low and wet. Her hair was blowing in the mutable wind. The soul of all heroes grew sad when she let her cry out, as often they had seen the tomb of Salgar; and often the dark house of the white Colma on the hill, of Colma of the harmonious voice. Salgar promised to come. But night was coming. Listen to Colma's voice, when she was alone on the hill.


It is night. Alone I am and lost on the hill in the storm. The wind blows in the mountains. The river screams down the rocks. There's no shelter to protect me from the rain, I am abandoned on the hill.
Come out, Moon, from your clouds! Stars of the night, appear! Let a ray fall to guide me here, where my love rests after hunting; with his bow beside him and his dogs around him. But i have to stay here on the rocks, in the river. The stream screams and the storm storms and I can't hear my lover's voice.
Why is my Salgar hesitating? Has he forgotten his promise? Here are the cliff, the tree and the waterfall. You promised me to be here when night would fall. Where is my Salgar? I wanted to run away with you, leave my father and my brother, those two vain men! Our families have been enemies for a long time, but we are not enemies, Salgar!
Shut up one second, wind! Stop for a moment, water! let my voice echo in the valley. let my lover, Salgar, hear me. I am the one calling. Here is the tree; here is the cliff! Salgar, my love, I am here. Why do you hesitate?
Look: the Moon has appeared. the water shines, the rocks look grey. But I can't see him on the hill, nor him nor his dogs. I have to stay here alone.
Oh, but who's there in the valley? My loved one? My brother? Speak, my dear!
But they don't answer. My soul is lost. They're dead! Their swords are red with blood from the battle. Oh brother, brother! Why have you killed my Salgar? Oh Salgar, why have you killed my brother? I loved you both! You were the most beautiful of them all. He was, in war, fearful. Answer me! Listen to my voice, my dear ones! But they are mute. Forever mute. Their chests as cold as soil!
From the rocks of the hill, from the top of the mountain, speak, spirits of the dead! Speak, I won't be scared. Where did you find peace? Where will I find you again? I can't hear any answer in the wind, or in the storm.
I sit here in my panic and crying I wait for morning to come. Dig the grave, friends of the dead, but don't close it until I arrive. Like a dream, my life vanishes. How could I survive? Here, with my dear ones, I want to live, by the water stream and the cliff.
When night will fall on the hill, my spirit will be in the wind and it will cry the death of my loved ones. The hunter will hear me in the trees. He will both fear and love my voice, because it my voice will be dear to my loved ones. I loved them both so much!
This was your song, daughter of Torman, o Minona who used to blush shyly. Our tears were poured for Colma and our soul became dark.
Ullin came forward with his harp and he sang the song of Alpin. Gentle was Alpin's voice and Ryno's soul was a ray of fire. But they were already resting in the narrow dome and their voice couldn't be heard in Selma anymore.
Once Ullin was coming back from hunting before the heroes were defeated, and he heard a singing contest on the hill. The singing was beautiful but sad. It was about the end of Morar, the first of all heroes. His soul was like the soul of Fingal, his sword was like the sword of Oskar. But he died and his father cried his death and his sister's eyes were full of tears. Minona's eyes were full of tears, the sister of the beautiful Morar.
She left before Ullin's song like the moon leaves when a storm is about to come, and she hides her beautiful head behind a cloud. I played the harp with Ullin.

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