Saturday, 4 December 2010's obvious. Everything's over for me. I can't stand this anymore!
Today I was at his place. I was sitting down. He was playing the piano, different melodies, and he was putting so much of himself in it. His little sister was sitting on my lap, playing with a doll. I was gonna cry, really. And I did, lol. He started playing this old tune we were always listening to together and, suddenly, I felt some sort of comfort and started remembering the past, the times when we used to listen to that song, the somber pauses, the boredom, the disappointment and the hopes, and then....I started walking up and down the room like a zombie coz my heart was gonna explode, full as it was with all those memories.
"Stop it, for Fingal's sake!" I said. (yeah well I didn't REALLY said "Fingal's sake",I just really wanted to write it here)

"Stop IT!"

"Oscar" he said with a smile that made my legs feel like they were made of jelly "Oscar, I think you're not feeling well...I mean, maybe you should go home and take it easy."
I had to drag myself away from him with all my will power and...gods and goddesses!
I am fucked up! Am I?


  1. He only does it to annoy because he knows it teases.

    You should have taken your pills. You know you should. You'v only yourself to blame if you don't take your pills.

    Now go and get a glass of water and take your pills like a good boy.

    Night night.

  2. Pills pills pills
    I know.

    But it HURTS!