Monday, 25 May 2009


Someone in the past has already said that life is nothing but a dream, and this idea is always present in my thoughts.
If you think of the limits we have to express our creativity and intelligence...and if you think of the fact that most people's lives are based on material needs that have no other purpose but to prolong their silly lives...and also that satisfaction in general is just something that allows us not to think of our actual situations...I don't really know what to say about all this.

And if I look inside myself, I find obscurity rather than positive energy.
Which kind of makes me scared, and confused, and numb, so I just smile and carry on trough this life, in a dreamlike state.

After all, grown ups are exactly like children. They have no idea where they wanna go and where they've come from. They just keep going, because they take for granted, and accept, the fact that they have to.
Well, in a way sometime I kind of envy these people whose lives are like children's: they just label everything they do and are, they get paid, buy more things, get paid again, and they're happy. Lucky them, in a way.

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