Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I have this thing I love about fiinding a spot somewhere which I consider my " house" and where I can spend time undisturbed. I have found such a place not too far from London. It's a little park nearby a cemetery. I just sit down there and read, Homer, at the moment. The first time I happened to get there I found the park deserted, apart from a four - year - old-or - something kid who was sitting there, looking around with kind of crazy eyes ( don't ask me why!). So, I just sat down as well and started drawing this kid and added a few benches, the grass and other stuff that I cold see from that position. So I kind of started to think that perhaps reality is enough? That we don't need to add anything to it?

I don't know....maybe it's just bullshit.
I mean, if you stick to nature in a way you limit yourself a lot. So, yes, I'm not even sure why I felt that when I was drawing that kid. I suppose I just saw a lot of beauty in reality.
I refuse every rule, I think rules are the exact opposite of true feelings, of passion.
I know we do need some sort of rule in order to live together on the same planet...so many of us.
But I hate everything that's moderated...I mean, if you want to love, LOVE! if you want to hate, HATE...but DO IT!

Why does this happen so rarely?


  1. I love the homes away from home. And I completely agree with you. With so many rules out there, there's hardly freedom to think your own thoughts.

  2. yes...and it really seems to me that people create rules just to avoid thinking about what their lives could be like if those rules didn't exist...

  3. ...like they think it would be better just doing what other people do instead of living their own lives

  4. I don't want people to start going around killing each other though.

    And I think I'd rather our planet was protected

  5. Micky, well, yes...when I said rules I was thinking more of, ya know, things you're supposed to do like be successful, desire money, work, family...this kind of things.
    it seems that people have forgotten that there's so much more behind this materialistic crap