Saturday, 30 May 2009

So, I've been thinking a lot about the fact that some experiences we have, some things we see, can never really be translated in words or art. 
For example...I was chatting on wotever chat earlier today. It was the usual crap, you know, boys trying to chat up girls, or other boys, and so on. 
I was kinda getting really bored and all, and was about to leave, when this guy asked me to chat privately. I immediately thought he was gonna ask me to do stuff on the cam and crap, so I was about the tell him: " no, thanks", but then he said that he just wanted to talk, that he felt like talking to someone he didn't know and all. 
So I accepted, I was, you know, intrigued and all, and I asked him: " what do you wanna talk about?" and he, like, started telling me about this woman he really fancies. 
He said he was 18 and this woman was  30 or something. She was like his teacher or something I didn't get, but that's not the point. 
Point is, Nick said ( well, Nick is this guy's name of course) that she was real sweet and all with him, but he was truly in love, like mad, with her. 

I didn't really have much to say about it honestly, wasn't much help to him, but we just carried on chatting for like two hours, and he got so passionate about the whole thing that I kinda started thinking that maybe he'd forgotten that I wasn't his best friend and all, but just a whoever guy he met on wotever chat. 
But he didn't seem to mind that at all, he just kept going on and on about this woman, and it was a real pleasure to read his words, it almost felt like you could HEAR him speaking, or crying or shouting. Man, was he passionate. 
I hope talking to me was helpful for him, coz for me was kind of the opposite, actually. ..
it made me feel sad like hell, coz I started thinking about my own sentimental situation and realized I have none...
He kept saying, you should see her and stuff, but I thought that I don't actually want to see HER at all, coz for me her is a no one, but for him is so special...I thought that I much preferred to imagine this woman as I would have liked her to be...I didn't care at all what she looks like in reality.

 Reality is not everything, you know. 


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  2. Thanks for the kind words on my post sir. It's appreciated. Your blogs great, you really manage to express what your saying.

    I know exactly what you mean relating to the above post. I've been in a situation like that before, and it's funny, how people can forgot that they don't know who they are talking too. They just want somebody to listen !

    Anyway, thanks :) xx

  3. thanks to you!

    yes, it's very interesting how on the internet people just talk about very personal things with complete strangers...I find it fascinating because, well, this kind of behaviour didn't exist at all before internet appeared. Well, ye, now that I think about it, there used to be this 'pen friend' thing, ya know? That was kind of similar, but still different...on internet you can just talk with lots of people at the same time and stuff.