Sunday, 24 May 2009

On May the 10th (Sunday) - trippy day

Hey, I haven't written about it yet, I didn't feel like it, but now I will.

On Sunday I had this weird moment where I felt absolutely happy and, I dunno, like almost too happy without any reason. It was sunny and stuff and I was in my bedroom alone and I felt so, like, in peace and stuff. I wanted to write it dowon or make a drawing or something, but I just couldn't, which kind of scared me because, well, I thought, what if this happiness spoils my creativity?

I just had to go outside, so I went to a park and just lied in the, I was ridiculously happy!And I hadn't smoked weed or anthing! I spent hours looking at the grass and observing the worms and things that live there. And I was kind of overwhelmed by the sensation of the grass under me, and the sky above me, and felt a strong desire to write it all down on paper. I wished I could just transfer all my thoughts on a piece of paper, like a mirror does with my face.

But I couldn't, obviously. And that made me feel very weak, in a way.

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