Sunday, 26 July 2009

I keep promising myself that I'm not gonna see him as often as I'm doing now. But, who am i trying to fool?
Everyday I say to myself: " tomorrow you' re not going to call him", but then, the day after, I always find an excuse to do it. Either he calls me, or I just can't resist. Or maybe I go out for a stroll, and my feet spontaneously take me to his house. 

I remember my grandma used to tell me a fairy-tale about a magnetic mountain: the ships that got to close to it were attracted to it and destroyed. And all the sailors would day crashed bye the collapsing bits of ship.  


  1. your feet take you to his house?

    wow! You have got it bad!

  2. : )

    I'm afraid so....

    I need a cure