Saturday, 18 July 2009

Today I was supposed to go to P.'s place, but I was sort of ill, so I couldn't go.

I sent him an email instead, as he told me since I couldn't go he was gonna do something so he wasn't going to be online or anything until later in the afternoon. 

You have no idea how obsessively I waited for him to reply to my email...I was almost going insane. I just started at the computer screen all day and waited for his name to appear in my inbox. 

And when it did, it was like the best thing in the world, ahah. How pathetic. 
But I cannot really help it!
I mean, he sends me like 5 emails a day or something, but this particular on had a special, uhm, halo around it...his name in my inbox glowed like a star. 

Ok, I'm definitely not well. I'm saying delirious things and all. 
I hope this fuckin illness will go away soon. 


  1. U in luv then?

    I always thought a vanilla slice was a good thing at such times. That and a banana, judiciously placed.

  2. I don't knowww...I think so but then, I'm not experienced enough with love to know...but it seems so to me!

    yes sweet things might help