Thursday, 30 July 2009

She arrived...and I'm gonna make a move. And I know she is probably a very nice person, intelligent, and so on...but with her there, it is so hard for me to behave normally. 
I'm glad I wasn't there when she arrived. It would have me me feel really weird.

Se was also very careful when I was with them ( I think she suspects that I fancy him or something) , so I should be grateful, I guess...
So basically now there is this thing ( she was away for a while, so the developments in the  'friendship' between me and P. are new to her) where she wants to be a friend of mine too...and I kinda like her, so, why not? 
I like the fact that she' s very calm, the opposite of me. I think the funniest thing is that she likes me, in a way, and my love for P. is something to be proud of for her. I don't think she's  jealous of us two. 
But,whatever, what will be will be!  
I must say I don't care too much, as I'm already kinda starting to give up on P....there's so much going on around him, that just makes me very nervous.
But then, yes, it was predictable. 
I couldn't  imagine hanging out together with her giving a shit about me. 
So when I see them together, I cannot help saying really lame stupid things, and p. has definitely noticed that, coz he actually told me that I looked: " scarily happy! "

So, I dunno was'going next....


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