Thursday, 16 July 2009

Oh, I love it when, walking side by side, my hand and his touch unintentionally; or when our knees touch under the table. I tend to step back in these occasions, cause I'm shy, but there's something that pushes me forward too, and I enter this strange state where I don't know what to do anymore. 
mmm, I'm not sure he perceives all of this...but when he, without even thinking about it (or does he?) puts his hand on my shoulder or when, whil speaking, he comes really close to my face with his face, then I just go nuts inside, and blush or something. 
I so know I should just dare telling him...but I'm a weaklings, it seems. A weakling. 
The problem is that, when he's around, his personality and beauty and everything overwhelms me so much that I feel kinda blocked. I get really confused and think I couldn't handle a refusal from him. But everything he does really, when he plays his favorite tune on the piano and I find myself whistling it for hours afterwards as if it had always been my own favorite tune. 
It's funny how this little tune always comes to my mind when I fell really depressed. It's already distracted me from suicidal thoughts a couple of times...

oh, this is the song he likes to play...this is not him though : )


  1. Accidental contacts!

    Watch any of the great love movies - that's what they do! It's like having an affair!

  2. aha, yes, that's has actually happened at least one time when we were with his 'girlfriend'...perhaps it wasn't that accidental afterwards

  3. You will never know unless you ask. But if you can't, I don't know. And considering he has a girlfriend it becomes all the more complicated.

    The music is beatiful. I love piano. When played right it is so wonderful to listen to.

  4. Sounds like a complicated scenario bud, but i'm sorta happy for you !

    Even if it is, confusing, the feelings that you have when you're with him i'm sure is making it all worthwhile !

    Their is nothing quite as addicitive as feelings towards another person. Just try and enjoy it as much as you can, even if it doesn't amount to anything more then friendship.


  5. *Jacynta, I hope I will find the courage to 'come out' with him...yes, classical music is amazing.

    *Steve, it's definitely worthwhile..I think in a way for the moment I could live like this, I mean, as I said I'd rather not spoil our friendship. Even though I guess this can't last too long, at least on my side.