Monday, 13 July 2009

No, I don't think I'm wrong! 

I can read in his eyes an sincere interest for me and my life....I can feel that, (and I wanna trust myself)that he...damn, how can I put it...that he loves me, in a way?
This feeling makes me feel much stronger...I love myself a lot more because of this feeling. 
Is this pretentious? Not that I care...I gotta remember that he still has a girlfriend. Or at least, that's what he says. Everytime ( not very often) he talks about her, I loose hope. As I know she's still there. But then, I do feel there's something going on in him, as I said. 


  1. Society decrees that boys shall have girlfriends. I had girlfriends while still preferring the company of boys. And when a boy propositioned me I dropped the girlfriend into the deepest background and went to bed with him at a party she couldn't attend.

    I was an active bisexual boy for some while.

    Maybe he's like that?

  2. you know, I think he is still with his girlfriend because, in a way, he loves her. I mean, I think what he loves of being with her is the sense of ' reliability' that she gives him. I'm saying this because whenever he talks about her, he mentions things such as being fine', feeling like he doesn't want to be too 'crazy' and stuff. I would say that when he talks about her, or when she is around too, he behaves more as a grown up, while when he is alone with me, we love to behave like kids, joke and stuff.