Monday, 6 July 2009

P. is back! Last night I went to see him, he had to look after one of his little sisters but told me I could hang out with him anyway. 
We went for a walk, the three of us, and we ended up in this little square near St. Paul which I could relate to in some profound way, even though I had no clue why. It was very strange, this square made me feel sad, kinda melancholic, as if I had spent a lot of time there or something, and yet, I could not remember. 
I told this to P. and he seemed very interested, he said something about the Uncanny and stuff like that. 
Since P.'s little sister was looking at us without understanding, we started telling her made up stories about this square...we got really into it and it was a lot of fun to just invent absurd stories. I think it was the more fun because she believed them!
We, for example told her that the bench we were sitting on was in fact a magical bench that could fly and stuff like that, really over the top, and she was really impressed, ahah. 

It was all very sweet, and I think I'm getting closer and closer to P. 
I think he now just takes my presence for granted or something. 

I'm still unsure about his feelings though. It's just so great to sit next to him that sometimes I think it doesn't really matter. 


  1. I had some really good friendships which might or might not have ended up with sex.

    I have a Partner in Pete now so I don't get so close to other guys these days.

  2. Yes, I think often the best friendships are those that don't involve sex. Almost always in fact, maybe.