Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I was hanging out with my parents yesterday and guess who I met? was all very strange. P. is back, and he happened to be hanging out with his father too, and, I think I've said this already, but his father and my father are old friends.
I think they vaguely know me and P. know each other, but they have no idea about the fact that we see each other so often, at least I don't think. They both work a lot, ya know, never home.

Anyhow, they stopped to talk and I really didn't know what to do...I think I blushed a bit.
P. was looking at me with those bloody amazing eyes!!!! ahhh..I'm kust a stupid kid.

But he was...I think he was embbarrassed too tho, cauze when I looked at him he would look away like pretend he didn't care.

Maybe he actually doesn't care that much?

Maybe it's just all in my stupid mind?

I couldn't help thinking this afterwards, the thought depressed me and I wanted to cry.
When we departed I kept looking back at him walking down the street, his beautiful hair. his shoulders, his ass.

I so want to be closer to him.

What a stupid fucked up child I am!


  1. Not fucked up, just hopeful.
    And I'd say that's a good thing.

  2. aww, that's very sweet, thanks! : )